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21 Weddings

Wedding Music Plans and Samples
from 21 St. Louis Area Weddings 

21 Real World Weddings
Song Choices

Welcome to the current edition of a truly unique guide to wedding ceremony music planning!

Music planning is fun.  But let’s face it – a busy couple juggling all the details surrounding their wedding will be glad to have any tool that helps make decisions easier.  With music, it’s sometimes hard to know “where to start”.

Here are 21 selections from real weddings.  These ceremonies represent a wide range of music combinations that worked for real couples.   The work has already been done for you, and you can use any one of these as a template for your wedding, perhaps substituting a song or two of your own.

These weddings were chosen because they represent an interesting mix of styles – such as balancing traditional with modern, or in others serious with quirky and fun.  It was a labor of love to go pick some of the weddings with some of the best combinations of songs for the year.

Samples: Here’s where this guide is really one of a kind:  in addition to the songs for each wedding, I’m also including samples of me playing these pieces.  You can hear how the songs sound together,perhaps just as important –  how they translate to an instrument.   In addition to the 21 weddings, I’ve added Music Categories which group samples by style for your convenience.

This guide is a work in progress  – if you have ideas that you think would make it more useful to people like you, please shoot me an email! I’m always open to suggestions.

David Becherer